Said the spider to the fly

Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly

It’s a phrase heard from childhood about seduction, but I’m not peddling anything dangerous. That phrase just speaks to what I’m trying to do. Writing erotica is about tempting someone, getting them to spend a little time on your book above all the rest.

The spider and the fly is cautionary tale because the spider wants to entice the fly even though a violent end awaits the poor bug if it listens to the tempter’s words. The game between the spider and the fly is one of survival. Humans like to play different games. Sometimes we don’t hide our dark intents. We know something will be bad for us and that only makes us want it more. We feel tempted even knowing we’re going to our downfall. It doesn’t matter if the ride there is sweet enough.

This poem came into my head when contemplating my first blog post, and I thought it was rather fitting.  My name is Kelly Whip, and I humbly invite you to step into my parlor for a while. I promise only happy endings await.



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