When a naughty little thief gets caught breaking in, her captor decides to teach the would-be robber a lesson. I enjoyed writing this erotic short story because it’s fun, devious, and the main character has a delightful, sarcastic inner dialogue that makes her stand out.


Caught! can be purchased by itself here and can be purchased or read as part of a Kindle Unlimited bundle here.

This is a portion of the story:

He started at the bottom of her shirt and didn’t have much trouble cutting a line up the material, then tearing it away with his hands. “If you can ask nicely, I might spare the bra.” The shirt was old and expendable, but good bras weren’t cheap. Her face flushed. She had no other option but to beg.

“Please, please, just let me go,” she tried.

He tsked. “Now that’s not an option. I caught a thief and I’m going to use her as I wish. ”

“Please just take it off.”

“What will you give me if I do?”

She didn’t have much to bargain with. “I, I’ll do whatever you want.”

He laughed, “You’re already going to.”

She thought of the photo he took, wondered if he wanted more shots. “I’ll be good while you take pictures of my tits.”

That caught his attention, so she pressed on, “I’ll behave when you grab them in your hands, play with them, suck them. I’ll smile for the camera like I like it.”

He considered her proposal. “What if that’s not all I want to do? What if I want to be rough with those tits? Slap them, pinch your nipples, remind you that you’re a bad girl who doesn’t get to have pleasure.”

“Then I’ll let you do that too. Not that I have a choice, sir.” She looked up at him through her lashes, begging with her eyes. He shoved her forward as much as she could go, unhooked the bra and pushed it out of the way. Then, he grabbed one breast, just lifting it with his palm, like he was testing the weight. He squeezed a little, cupped it gently, then let it go and drug his fingers across the other breast, lightly playing with the nipple. She wasn’t thinking and let out a soft hum of appreciation.

“I knew you were a naughty girl, but I didn’t know you were also a slut. You’re so fortunate that I’m here to teach you how to behave.” He pinched one nipple then, twisting it then letting go to squeeze her breast harder than before. Victor fondled it as he liked without a care for how it felt. It was uncomfortable and rough, but she managed to not vocalize the discomfort it brought her, though she was probably grimacing. However, it took real effort to hide the pain when his mouth went to her other nipple and bit down.

The rough treatment may have hurt her tender flesh, but she could feel the wetness building and gathering between her thighs. She was a thief, and she deserved the harsh treatment.  He took his mouth away and brought his other hand up so that both hands were fondling her chest. “Okay slut, no more playing nice with you.”

That was nice?!

Read the rest here or here.


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