Scientific Endeavors in Erotica


Some people turn on sensual music when they write erotica. Others write naked. When the stories get hotter, authors find themselves getting hot and bothered too. Like setting the mood for a real life steamy encounter, authors have to create the right atmosphere when they write too.


I just searched for “woman in lingerie” credit

Even regular writers have to get in the zone. Writing is something everyone could hypothetically do, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. No matter what kind of writing I’m doing, I need minimal distractions. I go where I can be by myself and won’t hear much other noise and turn on background music.

Writing erotica can be sexy, you can get interested in the story you’re telling, want to find out what happens as much as your reader, enjoy the climax just as much. It’s not always sexy though. My story Caught! is about a clever thief who, well, the title isn’t subtle, she gets caught. This story features a narrator with a strong voice, humor, bondage, role playing, and of course, sex.

When writing the story, I got brought out of the mood. Sometimes a detail gets to me. If a reader wants to enjoy a naughty story, I know they care about the fantasy and are usually willing to suspend disbelief. They probably don’t care much about the technical details, but I can get stuck on them.

In Caught!, the main character is handcuffed to a bed, and her clothes are ripped and cut off by the sexy, older man who owns the home she’s breaking into. That’s a juicy scenario. There’s a lot to work with. You can have a heroine who is afraid, wondering what’s going to happen next, but grudgingly turned on by the situation, being trapped and at someone else’s mercy. (Remember, this is erotica. It’s usually a safe world where any bad situation is tempting and can lead to hot, sexy situations. It’s a fantasy, not the real world.)


woohoo, another woman in lingerie

Still, I ran into a problem with the bra. Now, the main character is wearing clothes she’s not that attached too, her predicament is so exciting that she doesn’t mind her clothes being torn, that only adds to the thrill. But, if you’re a woman, you know that bras aren’t cheap.

I almost said good bras aren’t cheap. That’s true. But no bras are cheap. If you’re an adult woman, almost every bra you pay for is just too damn much. (Okay, I am a cheapskate. Maybe you think the prices are reasonable, I think it’s extortion.) In my view, she wouldn’t just want him to break the bra. This actually works to build the sexiness, because this means she has to become an active participant in her captivity, she has to ingratiate herself with her captor whether she wants to or not, she begs him not to ruin the bra and comes up with an enticing offer he can’t refuse.

So, this all works fine for my purpose. I think I managed to interject some realness and humor into the story while still making it sexy. However, this was the challenge: if someone was handcuffed, could you fully remove their bra? I didn’t know if the thing would just fall free from her body, or if it could be moved to the side but not completely removed because her hands are tied to the bed.

If you undo the clasp, it seems like it could be removed from her body, but the straps around the shoulders are what makes it tricky. To be fully removed, the bra would have to be strapless. I guess I could have said it was a strapless bra, though this thought is only just occurring to me now. I mean, the lady was out to dinner with friends, wearing normal clothes, why would she be wearing a strapless bra? This is definitely making a mountain of a molehill, but it just doesn’t make sense.

I thought I had a firm answer on this, but I’m confusing myself even while writing this again. For some reason, it seems possible in my head. I actually tried to figure this out, sort of an Erotica Myth Busters.


Man in lingerie, just to mix things up!

I wasn’t wearing a bra at the time of writing, not for any scintillating reason, I was just still in my pajamas. I thought it was possible though, so I went and put on a bra to confirm my hypothesis. Saying hypothesis makes this sound smart instead of trivial, shut up it so does.

I can say for sure, if your hands are joined in front of you, you can’t fully remove the bra. So, now you know. In my head, I still think it should work, but nope, it’s those shoulder straps, I remember now.



I’m sure the scientific community is very relieved I put this issue to rest.





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