Study Buddies

41lWI7ir9oLOpposites attract. That sounds like a lie meant to give nerdy, bookish types like Heather Weller false hope. And there definitely doesn’t seem to be any attraction between her and her polar opposite, the painfully attractive, most popular guy at school, Jake Eliott. The football player seems to have plenty of loathing for her but no lust.

As different as they seem, they both have at least one thing in common: they’re both virgins. Make that two things: they both want to get laid. Though they start out on shaky ground, maybe they can help each other out.

Read on for an excerpt from Study Buddies.

Heather had been kissed before but not by anyone she liked as much as Jake. She didn’t know if that was what made the difference or if he was just a skilled kisser because she felt happy and tingly all over as they explored each other’s mouths. His lips were surprisingly soft and they moved against hers softly and leisurely at first, like he was getting to know her before diving in.  When his tongue finally did enter her mouth, Heather tried not to melt into him and make too many embarrassing noises. This was happening! She felt dizzy and exhilarated.

The scholarly, organized side of Heather wanted to make notes, to catalogue and memorize every aspect of how Jake kissed. She wanted to remember and preserve every touch, but it was too easy to get lost in Jake, to just enjoy being in his arms and on his lap, to savor how he tasted and smelled. Everyone in band just smelled of deodorant and teenage hormones, but Jake’s scent reminded her of the outdoors, of grass and fresh air. His hands felt large as they drew behind her and settled on the small of her back, pulling her in closer.

Their tongues tangled, awkward at first. As frustrated virgins, slow and sensual quickly gave way to frantic and desperate as both tried to rush into the other’s mouth. After a small war for dominance, she let him control the kiss. Heather wasn’t sure if it was a guy thing or a team captain thing, but he clearly wanted to take the lead and one of them had to acquiesce, so she did. She didn’t want to make things too easy on him though, so she let him explore her mouth with his tongue for a few wonderful moments before she nipped his bottom lip then stroked over the area with her tongue. Jake groaned, and she smiled against his lips.

Heather enjoyed kissing the jock and wanted to do nothing but make out with him on a lazy afternoon, but right now they both wanted to get to the main event. Their mouths were insistent and demanding as their hands kept roving up and down the other’s body. The heavy petting felt good but was too frantic to provide any relief for the tension that had been building between them all day. She squeezed his firm biceps in both hands before pulling back to whisper “Move this to the bed?” Jake nodded, and feeling playful, she hopped off the quarterback’s lap and jumped on the bed before sprawling on it and looking towards him.

She didn’t know how to handle the charged atmosphere between them, but she didn’t want to avoid what was happening like she usually did with potentially uncomfortable situations. She was ready, willing, eager and almost positive she wasn’t dreaming.

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