Putting chapters in e-books

Amazon has a guide for publishing Kindle books that is very helpful, but I’m technologically illiterate. When looking at the instructions to put in chapter links, my eyes glazed over. I saw something about how a table of contents (TOC) will convert if it’s done in Word. I understood the words “table of contents” and “Word,” so I went off experimenting

In most of the books I’ve read with Kindle, there’s not a TOC. A TOC might not be needed with a short story but is helpful when you’ve got a long book or a bundle. Maybe it’s author preference to not include one, or maybe some people like me were just confused. I managed to figure it out, so I’ll share what I learned.

Inserting a Table of Contents

The TOC goes after the disclaimer section but before the body of the work (obviously.) You can create a new page or just insert a page break after you get the table.

1.Highlight the text you want to link, and a little box will come up. (I’m using real technical terms here.) Select Heading 1, 2 or 3. Put all the necessary text in one of these headings.


2. Don’t insert a table, instead go to references and select Table of Contents. There’s a couple automatic ones and one manual. With the automatic ones, the text just has to be in one of the designated headers. After you select one, hit the update table button, then update entire table.


3. Delete the dots and the page numbers, since they aren’t used in KU.


That’s all there is to it!

When using this method, you can’t edit the text as far as I know, so you can’t align it differently or change the font or the color of the heading. There’s probably different ways to insert a TOC, but this simple way works for me. You can test it by holding control and clicking on one of the lines in the TOC. This transfers over when uploading your book to Amazon, and you can test it again in the book previewer if you’re OCD like me.


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