Grammar Woes


I can’t guarantee that my stories are perfectly edited. I wish I could, but I can’t. I’m my own editor right now. As I’ve been writing professionally in some capacity for around three years, I’m not too shabby. I admit that I use language in a descriptive not prescriptive fashion, but I abide by all the basic grammar rules. Except when it comes to commas.

commas.jpgWith commas, I go a little wild. I go back and forth between proper comma usage and what feels natural, I know that, putting commas in where there’s a pause or break in thoughts, even if it’s not technically correct. I  also love me a run on sentence and comma splices. But when compared to some other self-published stories I’ve encountered, I’m practically the Strunk and White Elements of Style.

I only mean that I think my work is interesting and reasonably well edited. I don’t mean to disparage other authors, as I actually think I spend a little too much time editing. There’s a certain point when it becomes too much, especially as errors  can still slip through.

Imagine my horror at finding ‘hamulating’ instead of ‘humiliating’ in a published work. I was hamulated! The weird part is that spellchecker didn’t see it, so it got through. Is it a real word? Google offers several corrections, but an online dictionary tells me hamulate means “furnished with a small hook; hook-shaped.”

So when I wrote, “Cleaning up in the nude was hamulating enough” I meant that “cleaning up in the nude is a small hook,” of course.

Now I know not to ignore Amazon when it tells me my document has errors. I thought they were words I’d written as I wanted them like ‘wanna,’ ‘gonna,’ and ‘funishment,’ yet hamulated had found its way in too.

I’ve since made corrections, but the update hadn’t gone into effect the last time I checked. So if you hurry, you could get Her Hidden Fantasy in mint condition, complete with embarrassing typos! Act fact, supplies are limited.



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